NimblrTA Level 1 Video Course


Our video Course that’s available on Udemy



  • Learn the NimblrTA Breakout Strategy
  • Have an understanding of Breakout Ranges
  • Understand Concepts of Decisive and Indecisive Candles
  • Using the CCI Indicator for Breakouts
  • Using EMA Cross-overs for Breakouts
  • Understand Pyramid or Pullback Trades
  • Calculate Targets using Daily Trading Ranges
  • Calculate Stop Losses using Higher Time Frames
  • Understand the Dynamic Exit Strategy
  • Using the Moon Transits for Intraday Trades
  • Understand the effect of Void Phase of the Moon on Trades
  • Know about Effective Risk Reward in lieu of Standard Risk Reward Ratio
  • Learn about Position Sizing using Kelly Criterion
  • Learn the potential of coded indicators on Metastock 4 trading platform
  • Assignments included to master the important topics of the course
    By the end of this course, you will be armoured to take informed Intraday Trades without anxiety