Most frequent questions and answers

NimblrTA is an intraday trading strategy. It combines candle stick patterns, momentum oscillators and moving averages to screen Breakout Trades.

It’s a versatile system which has a built Exit strategy and DTR based Target system.

The system has been developed by @deishma with our 40 years of experience in financial markets

You can learn more about NimblrTA thru our Video Course

You can also visit Deishma’s Blog or visit Wiki

The Momentum Screener based on NimblrTA is a great help in locating Breakouts. 
Your trading opportunity can lie in any of the 1000s of traded stocks at NSE. Only  an efficient software code can locate these Momentum Breakouts in minutes, thus saving time and effort

The pre-requisites to have this system are as follows:-
1. A Desktop/Laptop running Window7 and above
2. MetaTrader 4 software, available free
3. Live NSE Data Feed provided by several vendors at very economical prices
4. NimblrTA Momentum Screener Indicator and Chart Templates, available with us

Ofcourse YES. It is very simple to install the whole system. Detailed documentation will be provided with the License. AnyDesk/Teamviewer support will be provided incase of any difficulty in self installation.

No. NimblrTA is a Momentum Screener to help you identify momentum breakout.
If you wish to trade them, the same has to be done at your Broker’s terminal.
We do not provide algo trading yet.

We provide the indicators and chart templates on a licensed use basis. The indicators are available in three different versions namely, Lite,Plus and Pro. They are available on Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly basis too. To know more click here 

You can watch the indicator in action at Twitter or Telegram or www.orbalerts.com

The NimblrTA signals auto generated by the system get post there with the chart templates.


No, we don’t provide any paid trading tips service. We always recommend to set-up your independent NimblrTA system and take trading decisions.