NimblrTA Breakout Strategy
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I am very happy about my decision for enrolling the course. Also felt my confidence rise throughout. Thank you for a brilliant course. I thought all of the session were useful, easily understandable, proper knowledge of content, highly motivating approach, very good material, very well presented and put together.
Must enroll course for any traders and covers the key aspects of trade management. You can be profitable from day one if you apply the rules detailed in the course. Great initiative! Looking for more courses soon.
This course has helped me to get a clear picture on the indicators which I was using while trading. The pace of the videos are just apt and very easy to understand. Waiting for more videos from NimblrTA team. Thanks.
Heartfelt thanks to both of you, Sir. Was going thru the course today and was monitoring the BN to correlate the concepts. AV has simplified the learning more. Came across a long opportunity at 1.35 PM which matched all criteria and took the trade which gave 80 points.
Its been a great revision of what Deishma Sir has been teaching and helped to consolidate all the information at one place. I think by using this information sensibly one can do wonders. Thanks to the entire team.
This course was very helpful, I would recommend this course to beginners who are willing to learn new strategies, this course will surely help them and today I have implemented this strategy in two trades and it worked for me, I am looking forward for this advanced course. Thank you ORB for teaching this wonderful course
It was enriching though I have some doubts to be clarified in upcoming webinar. The course was very well planned and explained in a very simple way. I will like to take up advanced level course L2, once I get good at taking some trades using Nimblr TA with MT4 set up.
Nice course with pleasant voice of teaching, made me to understand the concept of Nimblrta.
So far very well explained, very good pace. Good number of examples.