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to NimblrTA Trading Strategy


Click Headings to know more


Click Headings to know more


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NimblrTA is a unique trading  strategy developed by Deishma. It does away with complicated studies like candle patterns/names, trendlines, volume based indicators etc.

Instead, it uses simple yet comprehensive concepts of Strength Candles, Indecison Candles, Waves and  CCI to effectively spot potential breakouts.

  • Works equally well for Equity, Futures & Options.

  • Works for Intraday, Swing and Positional Trades.

Follow Twitter accounts

The entire concept of NimblrTA has become immensely popular through tweets posted primarily by Nimblr. This has been followed up well by ORB Alerts, Aho Niranjana.

The above handles post daily alerts related to trade and performance and also promptly answer queries of people. Thus, making it a very dynamic source of learning

Observe auto alerts &
Paper trade or actual trade

Once the concept is understood, it is important to see the same concept in action. Live Auto Alerts showcasing NimblrTA breakouts are published on our channels on Twitter / Telegram and our Website

Observe these calls and the reason of their trigger. Study the chart templates to spot successful or failed chart set-ups.

Start by testing these alerts through Paper Trading for some time. Then move on to actual trading in small quantities to build up confidence.

Explore Free Resources

The NimblrTA concept extensively uses the concept of DTR & Intraday Cycles.

DTR is the scope of movement in a particular stock. The DTR Sheet provides these calculations in a easily accessible form in shape of DTRL and Targets.

Intraday Cycles Calendar (Moon Transit calendar) is a unique part of NimblrTA. It shows the possible times of the day when a particular stock could achieve desired momentum.

Interact & Ask Questions

Any learning is always a two-way process. At this phase, after having learnt the concept & seen it in action, it is natural to have lots of queries.

To ensure a solid foundation, get your questions answered through Twitter / Telegram / Emails

Attend our Webinars

Webinars are the right place to understand concepts in details.

ORB Academy holds periodic Webinars on various topics of NimblrTA which are very effective in solidifying and refreshing your knowledge.

Set up a free MT4 Platform

Now it is time to have your independent set up and put your learning of NimblrTA to use.

MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most popular trading platform, used by Deishma himself. It is legally free to download & use. It is backed by a very resourceful support forum.

Setting up MT4 is very quick and simple. Our video on MT4 installation will get you started in no time.

Download free indicators like MTF CCI, Moving Averages, Zig Zag Indicator available inside MT4 software or on the MT4 Website

Install MT4 ORB Screener

The NimblrTA system has been successfully automated and implemented in the form of MT4 ORB Screener.

You can install this on your MT4 platform and get breakout signals on your screen and mobile. Check our Pro Screener & Chart Templates.

MT4 can also be installed on a free VPS cloud server which is very useful for working professionals and beginners as one doesn’t need a dedicated computer.

Explore Screener Features

Any learning is always a two-way process. At this phase, after having learnt the concept & seen it in action, it is natural to have lots of queries.

To ensure a solid foundation, get your questions answered through Twitter / Telegram / Emails or See Youtube videos for our screener features.

Customize The Screener

The system can be customised based on your needs and requirements.

Here’s a video on the simplicity and the potential of Customizing the Screener.

Observe Screener Calls

Confidence plays a very big role in success. Having installed a personal copy of the screener, and customised it, observe the signals generated by the Screener for a few days.

This will give you conviction & confidence to trade the system effectively.

Start Trading

Now you’re ready to jump into Actual Trading.

Following NimblrTA Money Management techniques taught in the Level 1 Video Course, you can plan your optimum trade sizes to get maximum returns.

Ask for Help

Experience plays a very important role and can cut down the learning curve. Having started trading with your personal MT4 set-up, you can request for a special guidance, in spotting winning charts and other trading insights, from our experienced community.

This is the surest & fastest way to mature as a trader.

Attend city meets when available

Personal interaction with like minded people helps immensely in one’s growth. ORB Academy’s informal city meets over a cup of tea or coffee is the right place for learning and sharing your successes & failures.

Share your learnings to help others

Knowledge grows only when you share.

Having started this journey, with the help of many who have selflessly helped you reach so far, it is now your responsibility to reciprocate the same by helping the ones who wish to begin the same journey.


A parameter of success is how happy you are in life. The trading world can often be a very tiresome & exhaustive. One often loses the WORK-LIFE balance.

Take out time for yourself & your family amidst all this learning & implementation.

A Happy YOU & a Happy Family goes a long way in accomplishing your financial goals in life.