ORB TinyBeast Tradingview Indicator(Annual Subscription)


The ORB TinyBeast is a versatile indicator which provided signals on charts based on NimblrTA Candle Analysis



Preview available on Youtube

It includes the following features:-

  • TinyIC detection and plotting
  • Target and Stoploss for TinyIC trades
  • ICMC detection an plotting
  • Targets and Stoploss for ICMC trades
  • Tresspassing/Beach Trade levels
  • Candle Shunting marked on charts
  • Zigzag waves plottings
  • Integration of Zigzag with TinyIC and ICMC(Gives more trending entries)
  • H-SL and I-SL continuous plotting
  • PSar Marking
  • Triple EMA marking
  • Customised Labels for easy identification
    Pyramiding Options

Works for NSE,BSE,MCX and many more

Full customisable

Free Upgrades
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