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NimblrTA is a breakout strategy developed by Deishma, who has an experience of over 40 years in the trading field. This strategy is primarily an intraday strategy. It uses price action, combined with momentum oscillators, like CCI and EMA, to enter and exit trades. The strategy works equally well in trending and sidewards market conditions and is best suited for beginners as well as experienced traders.



The NimblrTA Strategy has been successfully implemented on MetaTrader 4 platform with the help of the ORB Screener. This ready to use tool can be deployed in minutes to get you started. The tool is suitable for the needs of both beginners and experts alike.

TradingView Indicators

Tinybeast indicator

The TinyBeast indicator for TradingView helps identify trades based on Tiny IC & IC-MC breakouts. These trades allow early entry with the potential of being big winners.

Ic - mc Screener

The IC-MC Screener for TradingView is a tool to locate the tentative stocks where breakouts are happening. This saves time and effort in tracing breakouts.

Impulse Hunter

The Impulse Hunter is a TradingView tool to locate trades based on waves called Impulses. These trades are momentum trades which generally end up being winners by 15:15 hours.

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Join our community of over 300 students who have undergone our curated video course, making learning NimblrTA an enriching experience. These courses provide a step-by-step guidance in understanding the concept of the strategy and putting them to use. They consist of short and crisp videos on every aspect of NimblrTA. The assignments and live examples amplify the learning experience. 

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