NimblrTA Chart Template Pro Pack (Annual)


NimblrTA Chart Template Pack

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You can now have the NimblrTA Template for your Charts.

This template pack includes:-
  1. Opening Range Indicator (plots the Opening Range Candles,ORB High  & ORB Low)
  2. Strength Candle Indicator (marks the Strength Candles with Stars)
  3. Moon Transit Indicator ( marks the Moon Transit Zones with Blue Boxes)
  4. DTR  Indicator (Targets and Stoplosses)
  5. Multi Time  Frame CCI Indicator

The ORB Templates works on Meta Trader 4(MT4).
MT4 is a free trading platform which can be downloaded from our website

You will need a Datafeed for MT4 which is available with various vendors at a nominal price of Rs 500 pm

The templates can be installed on any Windows10 computer with 4GB RAM. However we strongly recommend to install it on a VPS for a trouble-free efficient operation.

Live Trading Room access provided to all  subscribers.

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